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About Us

Starlite Medical Staff was created in 1997 by two NYC/EMS paramedics. After putting in MANY overtime shifts doing 'movie standby's'  and seeing the prices range from 225.00 an hour to 400.00 an hour we decided to start our own company charging LESS THEN HALF what the other private hospitals charge.  'Starlite Medical Staff' always has an ambulance waiting on a stand-by basis which is much cost efficient to the clients,instead of spending 150-200 dollars an hour. Starlite Medical works with the client and tries to decide if an ambulance is needed. Our rule is when there are more than 250 people attending an event AND ALCOHOL is being served we like to have an 'Ambulance' standing by.

Starlite personnel consists of people who currently work in the 911 system as Police Officers/Firefighters/Nurses/Doctors/EMTs/Paramedics.  All staff members are medically qualified, passed extensive back round checks and hold the necessary CURRENT state/nationwide certifications/ licence and are (on file) in the office along with there SS# and picture identification

*********All transports remain in confidentiality as required by HIPAA law******************

Owner/CEO - Jeanne L. Dugan  is a  health professional who had spent her time working (30 years) at the Norwegian Christian Health Care Facility in Brooklyn, New York. After retiring she now focuses her managerial skills full time with Starlite Medical Staff

Medical Coordinator - Stephen Smith has received many citations for his past 13 years of service for FDNY for reviving people in cardiac arrest, he also has attended numerous classes provided by the NYC Fire Department in different life saving techniques, mass causality incidents (MCI's),HAZMAT situations and is also certified by FEMA in emergency response to terrorism, he was also awarded a medal for his participation at the WTC during the 911 crisis as well as the Christopher Prescott award for his above and beyond the call of duty action of saving 3 people from a burning building.

Paramedic/EMT  - Luis Lopez is a veteran of  FDNY and has extensive HAZ-MAT training which is utilized
in special effects scenes

Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT/Nurse - Gerson Olivo is a member of the FDNY, he holds numerous citations in rescue assignments as well as reviving patients in tramatic cardiac arrest.

The rest of our staff which includes another 44 health professionals are available 24/7


After 20 years, we are happy at the way things have been going, ALL of us have a story to tell after working one assignment......we also understand, things can get quite boring BUT not lately!!!!!!!

STARLITE MEDICAL STAFF  aims to pride ourselves in being the best at what we do...........

and so far we've proved it, go ask any of our clients listed (past assignments) so far we haven't heard any complaints