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Tuesday, November 27 2012
Welcome Jeremy Kolomer & Emma Belli to the 'CHOPPED' production team, give it a few weeks before you start getting stressed out."welcome to show business". Its a great feeling being associated with a TOP viewer ratting show, can't say enough about Linda Lea, Vivian Sorenson & Loe Fahie without those three we would have MAJOR problem, and Ted Allen looks great...thanks Ted for keeping us employed lol.
Just a reminder..the holidays are upon us once more and this year some people need the 'Gift of receiving more then the gift of giving' due to Hurricane Sandy.
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Thursday, November 15 2012
Going to miss the PEPCOM shows for the next few months especially Heather & Crissy, see you in 2013 as long as the world doesn't end on 12/21/12....Thank you ladies for checking up on us to see how we were doing after hurricane 'SANDY'. x
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Monday, November 05 2012
I still have my button from Comedy Central's LAST show 4 years ago. Anyway...same winner...I guess the could have recycled the buttons and nobody would have known? Lol
Bottom line is Pauline Koffman from MTV Networks did an outstanding job with the rest of the production team. Comedy Centrals Indecision 2012 show was fabulous as always.
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