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Wednesday, October 24 2012
 I just want to thank VRBW Productions from Los Angeles California for letting us work the assignment the other day,THAT was something...IPHONE Apple picking on the 'Set' in the 'Big Apple'...luckily our 'catch a thief instincts kicked in'. Good job Paramedic Joey O'Farrell and his Production Posse of crime fighting hero's came to the rescue.
What can I say?
Great job Liz Morhaim and I bet you that person who got her IPHONE back is so happy you hired the 'right crew'

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Monday, October 22 2012
 All crew members now carry a PHILLIPS 'Heart Start' DEFIBRILLATOR

We figured it would be a good investment...our clients are worth it.  After all Its not 'All' about profits.. sometimes we forget that part, besides we like working for you! {Did you ever price a defibrillator?
go check E-bay its not cheap,
but either are we
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